Hello all,

My name is Sujit, I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from  Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering Management & Research Akurdi, Pune.

I know about LetsUpgrade from Instagram , I just found post "Python course Zero to Hero" and Immediately I goes in LetsUpgrade Instagram account after following I know all things about course registration and step by step I connect to https://community.letsupgrade.in/   after Joining LetsUpgrade community I found new google means our community, in community I found  all my ans and information regarding to my doubts, its really helping me a lot. 

Actually before joining I don't have any knowledge about coding and all things related to languages, But in lockdown I did lot of course related to my stream so after seeing Instagram post about python course I thought Its also free of cost if I attend this for 7 Days I can gain knowledge about coding also, and from that movement my journey start with LetsUpgrade,  after joining python course in LetsUpgrade really I enjoy learning and feel the beauty of python how it is easy, before this I thought its only for CS & IT.  @Saikiran Sondarkar  sir and Dr.  Darshan Ingale  sir teaches excellent, I feel that time it does't matter I am from Mechanical Engg and not CS or IT. In that week I learn lot of things , means really I was zero in programming but now I have more confident as compared to before joining LetsUpgrade. Practice makes man perfect like wise I can Say LetsUpgrade can make you perfect even if you zero no matter, only we have to passionate about  learning.  I did lot of courses but I never saw anywhere which I saw in LetsUpgrade team and Community members .

I liked all activities, vision and mission of LetsUpgrade so only that's reason I share it to all my huge contact sources. Today I am a Student Ambassador of LetsUpgrade, I really proud of myself for this so now I want to give my effort and time for LetsUpgrade . It might be return back to LetsUpgrade for provided free training to all needy students like me also. 

I really thanks to @Mhd.Saim Darji  , @Prasad Sawant   and all LetsUpgrade Team member who always ready for supporting us.