Hey people do you know about corona???? 

You (Does this girl went mad asking about corona may be she is in dreams past 4 months *) 

Me : Hey buddy read this ( inner me : 😎) 

Corona is used by professional programmers, educational apps, business/utility apps, and more. Corona is easy enough to learn for those who are just starting, yet powerful enough for the experienced developer. With Corona you get all of these benefits:


1) Corona is a complete framework which lets you create games, educational apps, business/utility apps, and more.


2) Corona is cross-platform — develop for mobile, desktop, and connected TV devices with just one code base.


3) Development is done in Lua, a powerful and easy-to-learn scripting language.


4) Optimize your workflow with real-time device testing — build and deploy your app just once and then see code/assets update almost instantly on your devices, all over a local network.


5) Over 1000 APIs enable you to transform your ideas into stunning and innovative app experiences.


6) Corona plugins give developers access to additional functionality, tools, and services.


Best-in-class monetization plugins and analytics plugins help you succeed, all with just a few lines of code. Spend time making awesome apps, not implementing third-party software development kits!


A huge selection of third-party assets — graphics, animations, music, sound effects, tools, and more — all conveniently available in the Corona Marketplace.


(Letsupgraders: what the shit of this girl has written about corona  ??...it is a virus 😷😷 ) 


Me : Do you guys know about Corona tool kit.... 

Even I got confused is it 🧐🧐🧐 ??? Is their any tool kit called corona ??????? 

Interesting let me explore google it (*inner me) 

Search 🔍: corona 

And it landed me in the page called 

Indian cases 

Telangana cases.. 💔

And inner me shit their is no tool kit 😭

2) search 🔍: corona tool kit for writing lua to app development. 

Done I got the stuff...  

Corona is a software development toolkit that is useful for developing Android apps using Lua. It works in two operational modes that are- Corona Simulator and Corona Native. Here, to build applications directly, we use simulator. And The Corona Native is useful for integration of Lua with Android Studio. Integration of Lua with Android Studio will help build applications with native features. 

Please do refer this links ;




You confused to that title right????? 

Don't think I got corona 🤫

It's about tool kit journey and experience. 

Their is a tool kit buddy 🤚called CORONA✌✌✌✌

Search it and explore it properly bcz due to most searching of covid it will land  u their but their is a tool kit too 😁

Share your experience too about corona 😎tool kit after exploring in the comment section ✌. 

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