i am Parth Patel, I had completed my Diploma in Information Technology and now i am doing B-tech in Corresponding in Information Technology.

In College Life i didn't knew about coding and how its Executed. I really learning and remembering the code steps by steps to passed the Exam. I had completed diploma still i didn't complete the Β basic program. One Day i am scrolling Instagram page and i found Python Course Zero to Hero in free course so i had registered.

I got Second Batch where Saikiran Sir and Dr. Darshan Ingle Sir they had teach us from basic Python from steps to steps how its executed and how its run from step to step and they really helped me to irrespective of the time and all the let's upgrade core team for helping in this journey.

And now i am path of Student Ambassador Once again thanks Dr.Darshan Ingle Sir, Saikiran Sir, Prasad Sawant Sir