I'm Abhishek, an ENGINEERING Undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree specialized in Computer Science at Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology.

My skills are primarily in Programming through Python, C, C++, Web Designing, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT). My primary strengths lie in my Time Management, any type of Event Management, Self-Motivated, a deep desire to learn new technologies, hard-working, easily adaptable to any kind of environment, and leading a team.

However, it's unfair to tell about weakness but still, My weakness is I am not comfortable until I finished my work in the given time. My short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company. My long term goal is to become a responsible & knowledgeable personality and on a respected position in my company.

I chose Computer Science as my subject because I had a keen interest in computers. Though, I had no prior knowledge about coding and other stuff in Computer. It was only when once I went to a Hackathon organized in our college. Β I saw many of my seniors there working on different projects and then I realized that what I am doing right now is nothing compared to what they do and that hackathon was the place where I first made a project of mine that was a "Gesture Recognition using Python and OpenCV" that successfully worked. So this gave me some confidence and a lot of interest in coding to work on and make many new different coding projects.

In addition to all of these, I also attended workshops organized in our college which also helped me to think about my aim a little more clearly and choose my domains then attended the FCS classes in which Saikiran Sondarkar sir taught differently even after having that all knowledge about Python I was enjoying the classes. Saikiran Sondarkar Sir is an amazing person. Later on, I attended many more hackathons and learned many more new things there. I started learning from my seniors and also got the opportunity to work for the Google Foobar Challenge and even now I am working as a MENTOR for Python Programming at The GirlScript Foundation and I also became the Campus Ambassador of LetsUpgrade.

So, saying that a hackathon changed my approach towards coding wouldn't be wrong. That's all about my journey of coding up to now and I know I have to go a long way now and achieve many more achievements to go, my quote is "Life is all about grabbing the opportunity". Thank you so much for allowing me to introduce myself.