In this post we will see on how websites work and the formula behind it ..

We use different websites in our day to day life. All we know is we try to hit a certain website for instance Facebook and automatically our browser takes us to the site, and we feel it as a magic since the request and the response just happened in milliseconds and we do not know what happened in the backgroundโ€ฆ. Isnโ€™t interesting to know about what happened at the background and how the server responded us back with our requirement, let us see how it happens

We have a server hosted somewhere and we have a need to access the server through our own web browser from our client machine to view the website which we are looking for. Hence to complete this action the client needs a network to route the packets/data into the server and then the server responds back for us to view the website.

Now for the client to find the server and for the server for the find the client we need a identification which we also call as an IP address. So the idea to use the IP address is that the client can send request to any server and in-turn the server can identify out which client has requested for the website using the IP address..

Best example to understand this better would be about writing a letter . Here the letter/post reaches the post office which is then routed to the destination based on the address present in the letter/post..

Hence here
From Address ๏ƒ  Client IP address
Post office ๏ƒ  Network
To Address ๏ƒ  Server IP address
Content in letter ๏ƒ  Data

So from this illustration we understood how an user uses a client IP address and requests the website using the network which in turn is routed to the server IP address and finally we are displayed with the website with the data we are looking forโ€ฆ