In this post we will see about Virtualization..

Virtualization is a technology to run multiple same or different operating systems which is completely isolated from each other. Ex: Run both Windows and Linux on the same machine

Now lets us see the connection between Virtualization and Cloud Computing..
Virtualization is a technology whereas Cloud Computing is a service. If there is no virtualization then there is no Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is built on top of Virtualization.

Benefits of Virtualization
1) Virtualization offers major savings in data centre operations.
2) Virtualization makes possible significant reductions in the costs of managing data centers, with simplification of systems management tasks.
3) Virtualization offers back-up and increased redundancy for delivery of high performance and high availability services.
4) Virtualization is a step in the direction of β€œcloud computing”.
5) Centralized management

Virtualization Terminologies
1) Virtual Machine Monitor - The component of a hypervisor that implements the abstraction of the host hardware and manages the operation of a Virtual Machine and the Guest Operating System running in it

2) Guest Operating System - The Operating System installed in a Virtual Machine. This OS can either be windows or any flavours of linux based on the need.

-- Karthik AV