In this post we will see about the issues faced in Cloud Computing..

1) Security - Security is one of the most important aspect in Cloud Computing performance. Uploading your data and running your software in another disk using other Cpu appears to be security risk. Security issues such as data loss, phishing and others are a big threat to the organizations data. After all the multi tenancy model and other resources in cloud computing has involved many new security challenges that needs to be handled with...

2) Costing Model - Cloud models should always be aware of the trade-offs amongst the computation and integration. The infrastructure cost will be reduced when migrating from the on premises to cloud but it also raises the data communication cost which is the cost involved in transferring the organization data data from public to the cloud service provider which seems to be higher. So before taking the decision to move to cloud entirely, one should analyses a all the cost involved and make sure that it stays within the budget.

3) SLA - Cloud users do not have access over the underlying infrastructure such as resources, quality, performance and other things but even though they should ensure the quality, reliability and performance of the resources when they move their architecture into the cloud. In these cases the consumers feel obligated when they receive these guarantees from the cloud service providers which are in other words called as Service Level Agreements. The leading cloud service providers give more importance to the Service level agreements since they always determine their quality and also the cloud service providers tend to follow them always without any exception. Leading cloud service providers like Aws and Azure follow strict protocols to ensure the utmost SLA’s for their services and if in any cases they tend to fail the CSP’s provide a discount in the bill or any other service based on the exemption which is always a good move ensured on both sides.

--Karthik AV