In this post we will see about the Difficulties of on Premise Setup
Traditionally when people decided to start websites/Companies they initially started it in their home/garage. They rented/brought servers and installed them in their place (one fine example is Amazon; Jeff Bezos initially started it in his own garage).

Once when they understood that the demand for the website is growing they immediately understood that there is a need of more and more servers to meet the demand.

To meet the above new requirement people started constructing offices with a separate datacentre. Datacentres will have servers installed in them based on the demand and it will be scaled up based on the new demands and this practice was followed for many years.
But this setup had many problems like mentioned below
1) It involves paying rent for the data centre
2) Paying the power supply, cooling, maintenance etc.
3) Adding and replacing hardware takes time since you have to order them, wait for them to arrive and replace them
4) Scaling is limited. We can scale up but scaling down is a problem since the purchases hardware cannot be returned
5) One main problem is the need to hire a 24/7 team which has the main task to monitor the infrastructure
6) Software licenses should be purchased
7) If you want to expand to new geographies, setting up IT infrastructure at each location cannot just be expensive but time consuming as well.
8) Additionally, you would need to hire staff at each location, buy the required hardware and software, etc. In some cases, you would need to have the know how of the regional compliance norms as well.
9) The Data centre should have the capacity to handle disasters like earthquake, pure shutdown, floods etc.
10) Businesses do not want to run their critical customer facing applications, or even the internal applications, to run on outdated platforms. To offer the best customer experience as well as employee experience, periodic software and hardware upgrades are important.

Hence to overcome all these issues and to potentially solve them the need of Cloud Computing arised and the hero was born to solve all the problems people faced 