Hi friends i had made a small 4 line program using python which determine the Gender of person by its name. Hope you like this.
But there are some name like kiran,snehal are in male and female so it not work so i will request you to please suggest me name like that. And also suggest some solution to improve it better way.
Prasad Sawant Β @ Saikiran Sondarkar

Steps of program:
As we know every name contain at least one vowel and in case of female the that vowel is almost 99% present at the end of name.

#program to identify gender of person from name.
1.take a input from user to his or her name.
2. Define a set or tupple or variable that contain the collection of vowel at one place.
3.then check the last letter of word by printing the string letter.
4.then give the "if" condition to the if the last letter of user input is match with vowel it will print name female ,Else male.
Hope you like this please comment me if having any suggestion which will help me to learn new from you.

ch=("a" or "e" or "i" or "o" or "u")
if a[-1:]==ch:
print("hii ",a," i know your gender is:female",end=" ")
print("hi",a,"i know you are male")