Entering into this Industry 4.0 era I am sure giving an idea about technology is foolishness.
Everybody Is well aware how technology evolved us and how we are getting the advantage but time and again we comes to a cross road where we feel, are we well equipped with technology? Or, we need to come up with some more fine technology for the betterment of human community.

Talking about the Pandemic which already created a havoc for the whole human civilization and for its existence โ€œSARS-Cov-19โ€, and how well we are equipped with technology to protect the human race is the biggest question for which we need to get the answer so, to see a beautiful future or a horrendous tomorrow.

As it became a challenge to figure out people with infected virus and with more than 2.6 billion people under lock down in perturbation, drone took the responsibilities for making our future secure. In many countries drone is fitted with thermal imaging solution devices to identify people with elevated body temperatures, which could indicate the presence of virus. Moreover, to patrol areas and observe crowd and traffic more efficiently and even to spray disinfectant in public spaces.

Whereas artificial intelligence(AI) with its problem-solving techniques and algorithms analysis assist us to analyze articles of multiple language articles and provide information about travel data of thousands of individuals and subsequently to predicted hotspot or turning epicenter of the virus throughout the world.

Taking about social media it helped us to create awareness and spread info from all around the world which seemed unthinkable once.ย Furthermore, plethora real-time information at our fingertips helped us to make smart decisions.

Critical thinking, emotional intelligence and creativity has led us to todayโ€™s era but still despite of such technology we already saw more the 44,00,000 registered cases of the epidemic and more than 2,90,000 deaths and despite of such technology immunologist and virologist say we are at the tip of the iceberg.

It is already been more than 3 months war between this ghastly virus and whole mankind and still we are not able to create any proper vaccination to fight the virus. So, the need of the hour is to decide do we have technology to obliterate the pandemic or we will just loose the war?