Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been a topic of discussion- is it good enough for us? Getting more and more into this high technology world will give us a better future or not? According to recent research, almost everyone has a different requirement for automation. And most of the work of humans is done by the latest high intelligence computers. You all must be familiar with the fact of how Artificial Intelligence is changing industries, like Medicine, Automobiles, and Manufacturing. Well, what about Architecture?

The main issue is about the fact that these high tech robots will actually replace the creator? Although these high tech computers are not good enough at some ideas and you have to rely on Human Intelligence for that. However, these can be used to save a lot of time by doing some time-consuming tasks, and we can utilize that time in creating some other designs.

Artificial Intelligence is a high technology mechanical system that can perform any task but needs a few human efforts like visual interpretation or design-making etc. AI works and gives the best results possible by analyzing tons of data, and thatโ€™s how it can excel in architecture.