Hi I am Siva Kumar I am from non technical background after joining College first year they taught me basics of programming.I don't have any idea about programming.I am really not interested to learn programming in the first year of my college.After the third Semester I have got some interest in programming. How means I have searched many things in Google like why should we learn programming and what can we do with programming and that takes me to learn programming. So I got interest then how can I learn programming is my question to myself? I can't find time to learn programming,one big break came to everyone is Covid-19 which is quarantine period.I felt this is the right time to learn programming and my friend send me about Let's Upgrade FCS free coding school for seven days.I started learning python programming from FCS and I got certificate thanks to @Saikiran Sondakar sir for amazing Session and thanks to let's upgrade community for this wonderful opportunity.