How blog helps in getting employment?

There are the following benefits :

1. Creates visibility. When people read and share your blogs it works as an advertisement for you.

2. Shows language proficiency. Most of the work around IT is with US or offshore counterparts. India is known for its command on English and that's why we get a lot of work outsourced here.

3. Shows communication proficiency. With more people working in different timezone it's important that you can collect your thoughts in writing and communicate effectively.

4. Most important. Shows subject matter expertise. When you write an in depth tech blog it shows that you have the ability to work in that tech. This is better than having any Udemy or training certificate. If you have learnt something nicely write a series of blog posts.

When I say blog post I mean any medium which can give you the same effect. Writing LinkedIn posts. Creating YouTube videos. 

Idea is to communicate and showcase.