MOTOROLA  -  The forgotten legacy of a great company     PART 1

We all are using smartphones, indeed  its rare to see people without it  .But the origin of smart phone was from a company that was producing microprocessor , yeah and the company has along history to tell then we expect.


The Motorola microprocessor project began in 1971 with a team composed of designer Tom Bennett, engineering director Jeff LaVell, product marketer Link Young and systems designers Mike Wiles, Gene Schriber and Doug Powell. They were all located in Mesa, Arizona. 

Motorola MC6800 microprocessor  
Motorola MC6800 microprocessor  

In the early 1970s Motorola  developed their first microprocessor, the MC6800. This was followed by single-chip microcontrollers such as the MC6801 and MC6805.                                                                                                 


These were not the time Motorola initially started the company has gone through more year before its first microprocessor manufacturing transistors.

Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1928; the company name was changed to Motorola in 1947. They began commercial production of transistors at a new US$1.5 million facility in Phoenix in 1955.

Motorola's transistors nd integrated circuits were used in-house for their communication, military, automotive and consumer products and they were also sold to other companies. By 1973 the Semiconductor Products Division (SPD) had sales of $419 million and was the second largest semiconductor company after Texas Instruments 


in the next part we will see how Motorola developed along with APPLE and as a handheld mobile company . Such interesting and huge history couldn't be placed in a single blog . PART 2