Hi there!!! I'm Anusha, pursuing B.Tech in the stream of CSE at VASIREDDY VENKATADRI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(VVIT). As a CSE student, I may know the basics of many programming languages...but getting deep into any specific language is very crucial.

Somehow, I picked PYTHON as my specific language and started getting deep into it. But once or the other time, I used to start coding in python, get stuck at a point may be because of syntax error or the other things and then again go back to any source, look up for the correct form and move on,get stopped,look up,get stuck.look up - this cycle repeats until I finish my work.

One day, I thought why can't I go through all the basics first at any source and then start my work. Started exploring for the best resource for learning basics of python. While feeding the posts on Social Media, I came up with a post saying about LetsUpgrade FREE CODING SCHOOL. I had gone through PYTHON ZERO TO HERO Course. From there my success in python began and started coding very easily and even efficiently.

And now, It's very exciting to hear that Anusha is a Student Ambassador at LetsUpgrade. Thank You LetsUpgrade team for making me success in python and you have shown me a way to increase steps in my career path.

A special thanks to all LetsUpgrade Members @Saikiran Sondarkar ย @Prasad Sawantย  @Mhd.Saim Darjiย  ย and @DR. DARSHAN INGLE ..