This is my Zero to Hero Success Story,

I'm JAMUNA from Chennai, Currently pursuing my BTech IT under St.Joseph's Institute Of Technology.I'm one of those students who had Strong passion for Programming or Technology in general but didn't have anyone to guide or mentor me properly, well LetUpgrade took care of that.


I'm really grateful to discover and be a part of such wonderful community, To see such initiative being taken peculiarly during such pandemic

The FCS Python program really helped me a lot to strengthen my python proficiency. The Bottom line about LetsUpgrade is it makes learning very fun and interesting, It's not like other typical course which I find boring and tedious to follow up.

Bearing in mind that these courses are in fact free and the content being delivered is the finest also makes me really ecstatic.

@Saikiran Sondarkar Β sir really inspired me a lot to step out of my comfort zone and Chase my dreams, also the fact that everyone in this community is very optimistic makes me really happy and motivated.

Keep doing the great work @Saikiran Sondarkar Β sir and @LetsUpgradeTeam. I'm looking forward to lend my hand to help grow such amazing initiative. Let's all grow together with LetsUpgrade.Β 

Thank you for providing me with this wonderful opportunity Β πŸ™‚.