Chapter 1.1

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Last Chapter : Week 01 (Chapter 1.0)

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Our topic today is Goal Setting, hope you read it and had a glimpse of it in last chapter 1.0. 

Now, let's split our learning into two levels to understand better -

  • Level 01
  • Level 02

Remember, if you don’t have a purpose in life then you will never be a winner and to achieve that you need to have a RIGHT PURPOSE, why I said RIGHT? Because if your purpose is filled with wrong intentions then the consequences will also be the same. You will understand it better in the coming examples of upcoming chapters.

So, have a clear goal in your mind which is super vivid and can help you upscale your career. 

How do you do that? Well that’s what this course is all about and you will understand it slowly slowly...


  • Type of JOB & Job Title
  • Responsibilities & Coworkers
  • Industry & Income Goal


  • Why and what is motivating you?
  • What is your end goal?
  • Who will you help?
  • Deadline
  • Mission Statement & Secret


Type of Job & Job Title: 

Take a minute and think about it, what comes in your mind when I say “Type of Job”, you may say there are many types of jobs but the question is what type of job you are looking for, you may have one in your mind but are you sure that you will be continuing with the same job for lifetime? Now your answer may be ‘NO’ because with changing time our intentions and goals keep changing. 

So, It’s better to have one goal than to have nothing. Start exploring the possibilities and go with anyone Job Title first and then things will follow.

Responsibilities & Coworkers:

It’s fine if you haven’t chosen your job title yet, because before you choose one perfect job title you should know what responsibilities will come with it and who the coworkers will be you are going to work with...

Let me give you an example for better understanding, you have got your engineering degree but your passion is into gaming and think if you are working in an environment where your coworkers are not so interested in gaming, do you think that’s a right place for you? Well the answer is NO and accordingly your responsibilities will also vary..

So, it is always important to make the right choice.

Industry & Income: 

Here comes the biggest challenge, it’s really important to choose the right industry and that’s how your income also depends on because when it comes to income our main focus is to make more money and well that’s what every average person's goal is and to be respected at workplace (well some have different goals, I agree). 

If I ask you to choose between ‘Google Vs any Random Company’ then your obvious choice is Google but in reality it is not that easy for everyone. So, here what I meant is whenever you choose a company then choose it with such a mindset. 


What is motivating you?: 

It certainly means, what motivates you to get your dream job? Take a minute and think about it, I know you're lazy (just kidding) you will not do that because you just want to finish this course. Well I am serious about it, just take a minute and think, it does make a difference...

So, it is either Respect, Money or you are just passionate about it and well it could be anything. If you ask me what is motivating to me then I will say, I want to be recognized in the work I do. Whatever be the reason, just be honest to it.

What is your End Goal?: 

Well, this is the biggest question and you need more than a minute to think about it. Here, what I would like to say is, if you are thinking about your end goal then make sure you have achieved the peace of mind and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So take your time and think about it. 

If you ask me, ‘What about you?’ then my answer would be to retire at an early age, travel the world and spend my rest of my life with my Family especially with my parents.

Who will you help?: 

This is the next biggest question because if you are working somewhere it doesn’t mean you are working there for yourself but someone is also relying on you. 

Have you ever questioned yourself what will happen to you if your Father/Mother is not making money to meet your end goals. So, it is really important to think in that perspective as it certainly means someone is counting on you and be it your wife, children, parents or friends. 


I know if you hear about deadlines then your mind diverts to submitting the assignments😂, it’s not so because the story is different here and this deadline is really important in deciding your career. 

Jokes apart, let's get serious when you choose a goal you also fix a date to accomplish it. And, the ideal deadline to achieve any specific goal is 90 days (I mean small goals). So set a goal and try to achieve it also make sure that it is challenging and intimidating. 

Mission Statement & Secret: 

This is really important to land in your dream job. 

Mission Statement = Your Goal + Motivation + Deadline

I don’t have to define the above statement because you should know it by now and you would be wondering, what is this SECRET PART, This is up to you because some would like to keep their goals secret and some don’t, I will suggest to keep your next move secret because if you don’t then it has its own consequences. 

That’s all for the day!


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GOAL SETTING - Chapter 1.1
GOAL SETTING - Chapter 1.1