As a Mechanical Engineer , i had a subject in 1st year but they taught us some basics only, I have a little anxious to learn it again to become a python Developer. I don't know how to get start , so i forgot it..

Also I don't have time to learn in my college days. At the beginning of Lockdown i thought i wanna learn python again.

Then i started to searching in social media , I saw post on instagram something like python zero to Hero free cost from Let'sUpgrade ..

Then i registered to this python coarse . I started to learning basics syntax and other some concepts by Let'sUpgrade.

Now i'm able to write python code with simple syntax and also learned a lot from @Saikiran Sondarkar Β sir.

By Youtube channel learned such as What&Why is Data Science , Machine Learning , Block chain etc...

After few days later they give us a opportunity to Become a Student Ambassador(SA). After two interviews i got selected to SA.

I'm glad to begin a part Let'upgrade . Thank You Let'sUpgrade Team.