Hey Guys,

My name is Rohini, I really want to share a astonishing experience what it really had a great impact towards my techincal skills and also Im going to share few improvements tips if ur a beginner in coding that i learned after joining FCS of LET'S UPGARDE.

I'm from COMPUTER SCIENCE field but whats the ply I was not having TECHNICAL SKILLS :( and i was not knowing the structure of the programming I struggled a lot, you know when you have poor technical skills ,you will seek help from your friends or the person you know ...I too did the same..instead of teaching me the things what i asked they just degraded me :( that's so sad and my eyes was shed with tears,that's my first incident and when I was doing my MCA project that time python was completed a new language i was not knowing i tried doing myself and the outcome was not good and again i approached my known friend and that time i really realized the true face of people who have more technical skills with jealous attitude,nobody will be ready to teach you..I refered youtube videos and much more things was not so clear...somewhere I found the way while scrolling in FACEBOOK about letsupgarde and i registered I got a mail I was like let me attend one class and ,im batch 2 student my very first day of my class was taken by SAI sir and I can say that was an lucky moment for me from that part of time everything totally changed.

DAY1-DAY8  of PYTHON class was ecstasy, I can say and the teaching of programming things was beyond and much appreciatable till now I have not seen such kind of comprehensible way,I should thank @DARSHAN INGLE  sir ...and now things got completely changed for me ,I was not like dumb before in programming ...I continued learning the things more about the python to the advanced level If i doubt i used to re-visit the lecture video, and now everything was so crisp,clear and neatly understand the structure of the project.One more intresting thing I started teaching python to my friends and to my juniors through zoom app, all this has happened because of LETSUPGRADE , guys will we definetly get something which you never lose and I got that from this priceless session so now I'm able to understand every programming language its so easy and I dont know how to THANK LET'S UPGARDE . I can say this is the best unforgettable and best thing ever happen in my life. So much of changes seen in myself , I wanted to share this genuinely with all my whole-hearted .

I got a chance to help more and more students to make them most upgraded in technical skills and LETSUPGRADE has given me an GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY , i definetly do that with more good ideas and also I want to say that students who are lack in coding, and changing the domain because of not understanding the language, just understand anyone can code if u wish too and that occasion will be given by LETSUPGRADE make use of it :-).

hence proved ZERO TO HERO :) 

 #text to google to text speech program.

from gtts import gTTS 
import os
text="Love you let's upgrade you guys are awesome"
os.system("start letsupgrade.mp3")