Fresher's Question :

Hi i am getting confused between java and python

And java and data structure.

Which course should I do

Please suggest.

Answer by experienced :

Make sure u know c then learning java or python is very easy task. it doesn't matter both are same. Then it's on your interest whether u want to work more on data science , AI, machine learning then go for python which is preferable language for this areas and if u want to go for only web development then go for java+AngularJS !

But learning python is lot easier than learning java and you can do web development with that too so it's an add on to what you are learning

Answer 2:

This is the index of which languages are mostly used in the world.

You may find C at the TOP but going forward Java, Python, Angular, Flutter and few other Web Technologies would be ruling the world.

If you are learning now then start with these

Python is always go to language if you want to build a career in Data Science, If not then go with Java.

I would not recommend C or C++ even though I have worked in C & C++ for 13 years. Now I am working in Java and Angular.

I belive in future companies would prefer full stack developers who can work on client and server side both.

So learn Angular or Vue Js as well.

Answer 3:

Depending on the course of action you need to decide which language.

If you want to be a developer then You should have knowledge of one language thoroughly it can be Java and which is a programming language.

While Pythons is a scripting language used in Machine Learning and Various Data Science Activities.

Anyhow, if you learn one language you can learn other easily.

Answer 4 :

Why are you mixing too many things.. start with core java be comfortable in it . Write few programs and practice it. Once that’s done pick up advance java follow the same.. similarly whatever you can do in java same can be done in python. try to grasp the concepts and try and implement.