When is the next batch of Python FCS going to start?

FAQs regarding Python FCS: 


  1. Q: Do we need 100% attendance to be eligible for the certificate? 
    A: Yes, a minimum of 90% attendance is mandatory. But, we recommend you to attend all the lectures.
  2. Q: Do we need to submit all the Assignments? 
    A: Yes, Submission of all the Assignments is mandatory to be eligible for the exam and hence certificate.
  3. Q: Where do I get class link for next session? 
    A: All sessions will be Live on Youtube from Day-1 to Day-7 at 11:00 AM, Subscribe to LetsUpgrade YouTube Channel. (Subscribe to LetsUpgrade and turn on notifications.)
  4. Q: Where to submit Assignments? 
    A: You have to submit all the Assignments through the Google Form that will be shared in the Description of the Live Stream. Note: Use the same form for all your assignments.
  5. Q: How to mark attendance? 
    A: (a) You have to Upload your Selfie in any social media handle by Tagging LetsUpgrade or (b) Use the google form for attendance, a google form will be shared everyday for attendance during the Live session or before 6:00 PM daily. 
    Note: Do not post attendance on community, Whatsapp or telegram groups. Also do not send attendance to the moderators or admins in message.
    Social media handles:
    Twitter/Telegram: @LetsUpgrade_in 
  6. Q: The attendance form is closed for today, what to do?
    A: If you miss the attendance deadline, post a photo while learning at LetsUpgrade on your Social Media and tag LetsUpgrade..
  7. Q: I missed the Live session, can I watch it now? 
    A: Yes, you can watch as many times as you want, all lectures will be uploaded on YouTube, but your attendance won't be considered.
  8. Q: When do I submit the Assignments and how? 
    A: All Assignments have to submitted before the next lecture. You can use Jupyter Notebook or any python IDE/ VS Code or even Google Colab to solve your Assignments. You can then submit the Assignments in .py or .ipynb format using the Submission form. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSION OF DEADLINE.
  9. Q: I have some doubt, whom do I ask? 
    A: (a) Post your Queries on the community, someone will help you out. (b) We have a discussion group which you can access by Joining LetsUpgrade Telegram Channel (@letsupgrade_in).
  10. Q: I didn't get any email, can I join the classes? 
    A: Yes, you can join the Live sessions over YouTube and follow the above to be eligible for the exam. Also, Stay tuned to the community. And do register at letsupgrade.in/fcs before the batch starts.
  11. Q: How do I get the certificate? 
    A: You will have to clear the exam to get the certificate, you will receive soft copies via email after the exam and hard copies can be collected from the LetsUpgrade Office or can be requested to send via post.
  12. Q: Do I need to pay anything to get the certificate?
    A: No you needn't pay anything, FCS = Free Coding School, it's completely free.
    You'll get Certificate from LetsUpgrade, ITM and NSDC after passing the examination.
  13. Q: I don't have laptop, can I join? 
    A: You can join the batch, submit the assignments from your phone but you won't be able to write the exam, you need a laptop/pc to write the exam, and without clearing the exam you won't be able to get a certificate even if you submit all Assignments. If you are able to manage a laptop/pc only for the exam, I think you can make it through.


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