Everyone is in love with Python. Here are five reasons!!!!!

1) It’s free, open-source and runs everywhere
With Python, you are not restricted to specific development software, specific platform or a commercial license. You can write Python code in any text editor, then run it in an interpreter of your choice, custom-build efficient Python environments and get really personal with everything that works under the hood. And everything is free.

2)Surprisingly, it is easy to start
Bare Python itself can be a bit of a hassle to start: you need the interpreter, then a text editor, then you run the commands in command line mode, and it’s… ugly.
But you can use one of the user-friendly packages of Python like Anaconda, and after one easy install, you get a whole bunch of libraries that get you going. For example, you get Jupyter, a web-based app that lets you run Python code in a very friendly and interactive way right in your browser.

3)Python is trending
You may love trends or go against them, but here is a simple fact: the more developers use Python for their apps today, the more developers we’ll need to support those apps tomorrow. And developers are increasingly using it for web, servers, enterprise software and even games and consumer software (games — not so much, though. For a quick start in games think Unity). Starting with Python makes sense because you’ll have a job with it for many years to come.

Python has a huge collection of open-source libraries that do everything, from graphics, physics, and charts to machine learning. There are at least ten really well-documented and widely used libraries that help with machine learning alone. Even more for data science and analytics. And, of course, there are native interface libraries, libraries for games and more. Heck, there’s even a library for face recognition and optical character recognition. You don’t need to program that from scratch, just use libraries!