It can be rightfully said today’s generation live on the internet and we the users are generally always not aware how those random bits 1’s and 0’s reach securely to our computer. It’s no magic, it's logic.

So, as we live in a digital era starting from searching the meaning of a word to doing a million-dollar business we use the internet and in this meantime we generate tons of data. And what do you think happens with these data?

They all get stored in some servers, cloud and so on that can be accessed. Also, we use multiple devices to access and generate this data. So, just think if someone on the other side can keep your private data like banking details, personal folder and many more what wrath will it bring to you.

So, for a hacker it’s a window of opportunity with so many access points and their knowledge about their IP address to exploit. The Black Hat hackers are having hell of a time exploiting vulnerabilities and creating malicious software for the same. Above that cyber attacks are evolving day by day and hackers are becoming smarter.


So, Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, mobile devices, electronic devices, networks and data from malicious attacks. So, the term cyber security applies in a variety of contexts like Network security, Application security, Information Security, operational Security etc.

Individual should inculcate basic practices so to mitigate the risk such as

·       Read carefully what we get in our devices. Just because we can click, doesn’t mean we should. Malicious links such as an app link can do damage without you conscious.

·       Try to stick to your own device and limit using other’s device so that your credentials will be safe with you

·       Get updated. Applications and operating systems updates include security patches if flaws are detected in previous versions.

·       Never get connected with an unsecured connection.

·       Always try to have antivirus software in your devices.

Security Tips for Your Online Safety 
Security Tips for Your Online Safety 

Combination of a proper cyber security measure and an educated mind provide the best defense against the cyber criminals and to protect your valuable data.Though it looks like challenging it is priority and a step towards a safe future.