My Experience...

My name is Chitra , currently  pursuing Btech 2nd year  of Information Technology from 

G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, Hyderabad.

                                           When i joined btech , I dont have any knowledge about programming. Although its new, i was very interested in programming at the beginning . After few days i lost my interest in programming ,i was only able to understand the concept ,not able to map them practically. Realized that , i was just studying for marks , not gaining knowledge.I was blank ,i have no answers to my questions....What to Study ?....How to study ?.I had messed up. i dont know how i completed 3 semesters . 

                                     During this Quarantine ,i decided to learn Python Language.I started searching for python course.One day I saw Advertisement about LetsUpgrade ,Free Coding School,Python course.I registered to the course in Batch 2, I was interested right from the begining to the end ,Because of the quality teaching.

                                    This course helped me to write programs,Assignments my level of interest increased in Python.Finally ,got my interest  back in programming . Now i am confident to start my Learning.I was very happy when i received certificate from LetsUpgrade. I would  like to Thank all the members of LetsUpgrade. Thank you for  your support  sir @Saikiran Sondarkar @Mhd.Saim :)