Hello, I'm Divyesh Raj here. 

Today i am going to share my journey with LETSUPGRADE. A path towards success.

Lets begin, firstly I am a hardworking engineering student getting into B.tech  computer science engg. in(Cloud Technology & Information Security) 1st Year in ITM VOCATIONAL UNIVERSITY, VADODARA.

So having a computer background i'm always thinking about being on the top from my classmates. So i had tried many things in this lock down but not get that satisfied. however on sudden my computer faculty mailed me about this fcs course for python. Well i had cleared it and waiting for the certificate.

As well simultaneously got the mail to being a STUDENT AMBASSADOR ! so boom! i applied and got selected as a STUDENT AMBASSADOR.

All in all its WIN WIN!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR @Saikiran Sondarkar @Prasad Sawant  @Mhd.Saim Darji  for what you had given to us as an great opportunit to being a Let’sUpgrade Student  Ambassador 🍃