Artificial intelligence in companies

Artificial intelligence is a perfect tool for providing valuable insights to businesses. Using AI supplies them with information about customer behavior, their preferences, and the history of their interactions with a company. In such a highly-competitive business environment, it’s getting more and more challenging to keep existing clients, which usually results in losing money. Machine learning can prevent such worst-case scenarios. By analyzing your external and internal data, ML can predict buying patterns in the future.

Artificial intelligence in the e-commerce industry

E-commerce has all the right to enjoy some considerable benefits of AI. For instance, you could not only use a recommendation system for entertainment, like Netflix or YouTube mentioned above, but you can use a product recommendations engine for your e-commerce website. This tool that uses machine learning algorithms can provide customers with a set of suggested products, which is based on their past purchasing activities and performances. You must have encountered this application of artificial intelligence for business dozens of times.