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This is SUMMARY of "Who the hell is a Data Scientist?" session conducted by LetsUpgrade Team. This Article will give you a QUICK OVERVIEW of session that is conducted and will give you a complete glance about DATA SCIENTIST.

SPEAKER👩🏻 -  Rinki Nag

What is Data and why should I bother about it?

  • Data Scientist: The Scientist who works with Data by cleaning it and figuring out what pattern is hiding behind the Data.

Crude Oil = Data

  • There's a current buzz going around i.e Crude Oil = DATA because you need to clean the DATA, purify it and find the right pipeline where data can be used to derive profit for the ORGANIZATION.
  • Data Lake : Data lake is where a company dumps all the data and it can be in any form like JSON, CSV, etc. which is in its RAW FORM. 
  • Data Warehouse: Data warehouse is the place where Data is refined, transformed, reported and data analysis is done depending on the type of DATA that is present.

Sectors for having tons of data are potential data factory

  • There are different industries where Data Scientist is involved in but of all those, Medical and Sports Analytics are in huge demand. 
  • Finance Field: There is huge amount of data involved in this field like Banking Transactions, Assets, Stocks, Fraud Detection, ATM, and so on.
  • Retail: Data which is derived to help in improving the customer experience, increase their sales and hence revenue.
  • Medical Field: In the COVID-19 pandemic, Data science plays a vital role in analyzing patient's health by providing proper insights to deal with the diseases. AI can also play a huge role and will help us to leverage by making our lives better.
  • Entertainment: There are many examples like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar where AI plays a Huge Role in suggesting different shows and movies based on your interest.

AI in Entertainment Industry

how can these numbers help in problem-solving?

  • World is filled with huge amount of data and to handle those numbers we need AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and many other techniques or procedures which are wholly centered to solve a given PROBLEM STATEMENT based on client's requirement.

how can Companies using data science for generating profit or say Data Driven Organizations

How do these data scientists help me in making my organization data-driven?

Source: towardsdatascience.com

Can they do it all alone? Who are those Data Warriors?

  • Solving a PROBLEM STATEMENT is not a single person work, there is a whole team behind it.
  • This involves Business people and Data Analyst who look for defining problem statement.
  • For actionable insights there is Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist and business people.
  • Data Scientist will fit in the Machine Learning model and train the data sets accordingly based on customers feedback.
  • Once everything is done and client is satisfied then the model is deployed in the form of web page, App or say according to the client's requirement.

Must have skills for different roles

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YouTube Original Series - THE AGE OF AI (Motivation)

Hosted by Robert Downey Jr.


Who the hell is Data Scientist ? 


Will recession or Automation take away jobs of Data Scientist or people involved in pipeline?

The Answer is NO - which means not completely because PROBLEM SOLVING involves different techniques/patterns to deal with a PROBLEM STATEMENT.

This ENDS the SUMMARY of session conducted on "WHO THE HELL IS A DATA SCIENTIST?" and to understand in detail we request you to WATCH THE FULL SESSION by Rinki Nag