How it all began..?

Apps is just a short form of applications. The term however has been extremely popularized, that people no, longer  call them applications. Normally when people are  talking about "apps" they are almost always referring to the applications on the mobile or tablet platforms.

Did you know that apps are not just limited to out smartphones? Any software program that can run on device and perform a specific function(s) can be referred as an application or you can say 'app'.

The capacity of an app is immense. As an app developer, you can create an app for just about any purpose that you like.

Why develop an Application?

Where there are already a million applications out there for every need imaginable, why would you be bothered to develop another application?

Here I can answer your this question with 3 options:

  1. For self help -- Let's imagine a scenario where you are starting up your own comapany for specific purpose. There are a lot of transactions and other sensitive data you would have to handle. Now if you use a third party application, you have to agree to all their terms and conditions. You would definitely not feel secure storing your sensitive information on a somebody's database.  Hence you can develop your own application where your secrets are safe with you.
  2. For money -- Did you know that your applications can earn money for you? Sounds too good to be true right? Well it's not. Google play store and other app hosting platforms will pay you for every download that you get after your applications reaches a particular number of downloads. Additionally you can charge users to download your application from the app store.
  3. To solve problems -- The main underlying reason to create applications was to address the problems that we faced in out daily lives. Apps were created to make our lives simpler and sophisticated. For example, Lost on the way to the any place? --> use a GPS app, Tired of cooking your own food? --> use a food delivery app.

Hence the apps addressed all of our concerns.

Have a great learning!