Artificial intelligence is known widely by it's initials 'AI',is human intelligence programmed into machines giving them capacity to think and act logically


         Facial recognition software was developed primarily for security functions.The  technology has now been improved upon and adopted by learning institutions to mark class attendance. this AI technology eliminates the need for students to manually sign attendance registers ;an activity that is usually compromised when students sign in for their friends.Now all one has to do is walk into class and facial recognition camera will pick up on their face and sign them up for the day.

FR Technology for students 

Attendance roll marking is also achieved  through fingerprint scanning.Students place their finger on a slot machine that adds data on their attendance record every time they show up or do not show up in class.This data is accurate and it qualifies to be processed and used for grading purposes.It is also easy to identify intruders that may access educational institutions with the motive of committing crimes such as theft, destruction of school property and even mass shooting

smart class room
smart class room