Bonjour, I am Viren Gajjar currently pursuing B-Tech in Computers. Being a member of LUFCS Python Batch 3, I would like to draw your attention to my journey at Lets Upgrade. Let me know your views about the article in the comment section.ย 

Day 1 : I was randomly browsing thorough different posts on Instagram. While doing that I saw a poster stating Free Python Course, clicked on the link below it and it redirected to the Lets Upgrade home page where I can register for it. Registered for the course totally unsure about the content, being a complete layman was not even sure to start the course.ย 

After some days got a mail stating the commencement of the course, scrolled it without giving it any attention. Many of tech people might have gained this behaviour as they encounter number of such ads stating free this and that but soon they are hit by a huge blow of reality. So I too had such behavior.ย 

Day 2 : Next day I received a YouTube notification about the first lecture, had some free time so opened the video. As I peeped into the video and after watching some minutes I realized and told myself "You are so lucky that you opened the video as I might have missed a very big opportunity". I came to know how genuine and cool the guy is. Well then, it was decided to seize the opportunity and try to be a better version of myself in the upcoming days. A routine was set of regularly watching the course videos and then performing the assignments and exploring more about Lets Upgrade.

Day 3 : I always have this entrepreneurial mindset which tries to learn something from everything. While watching the videos, apart from the technical aspects I was learning, my mind reflected on the energy of @Saikiran Sondarkar sir. That cheerfulness taught me lot, getting into the self introspection of myself. It surely made an impact to my thinking process and added a great deal of positiveness to my behaviour.ย 

Day 4 : Every learning day was going great, made sure to learn and implement new things each and everyday. By the time I got more information about Lets Upgrade, their AIM of revolutionizing the learning system, about the community and some active people in it. It created such a positive impact which developed an intuition of working with this community and specially with @Saikiran Sondarkar sir. The very next day came to know about the student ambassador program of Lets Upgrade. Filled out the form and continued with the course. Completed the course and passed the Python certification exam soon.ย 

Day 5 : After some days got a mail about the first interview for campus ambassador program. Was very excited to grab this opportunity and be a part. Both rounds of interview went well and got a mail that I got selected. My excitement levels are on skies to continue this journey and try to contribute in every possible way I can. All the efforts are much more than worth if I can impact even a single one's life in a positive manner.

There is long long road to pass, lots of challenges to be faced but I am sure this adventurous journey is holding lots of opportunities to learn and attain the best version of myself.ย 

Special thanks to @Saikiran Sondarkar , @Prasad Sawantย  , @Mhd.Saim Darjiย  @Viral Patel for showing trust in me and considering me worthy enough to be a part of Lets Upgrade.ย