The things happend in the span of these past 2 months are really unexpected.Literally i observed a magical change in me. This time learnt a good lesson and gave god scope to my future...i learn many technical thinks and Letsupgrade is a huge part here. At 1st i known the name of lets upgrade through my friends words. in his words i understand genunity and mainly about sai sir's attitute inspries me lot in sample videos kept by my friend. and days are gone away.

             Classes has been started a clear cut and straight explanation was taughted by sai sir.while in this way i learned a lot and i maintained  group specially for lets upgrade contains my college friends they learned along with me in Batch 3 and we all supported and calrified doubts each other and finally exams completed succesfully. In this way CA for lets upgarde knocked my door. And selected me as Campus Ambbasador, from past 4 months  iam being  as campus ambbasador for Tatava fitness Town. so i know some things how to manage it and how to promote it so its make my work easier..

        Finally lets upgarde aim is very much inspirational , lots of garce in their dream.with huge stuff. Actually when we listened to free online course in some where the organisations wont keep live sessions and dont make much practicle too.. Lets upgarde is purly a different they take care about learners and clears the doubts with much enthusiastic, with quick and fast response in community............

                       so a small message to  sai sir "IM HEARTFULLY HAPPY TO BEAING AS  EYES AND EARS TO LETS UPGARDE SIR"