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In this current scenario every one might heard about artificial intelligence and their are wide range of applications. (* People are doing many projects on it too..) 

And many students aiming to work with AI 🤖. 

Not only students 


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#(man you forget the interesting point 📍MOVIES). 

So lets have a glance how AI is used in movies And what are the movie  !!!!! 



Artificial intelligence already has a pretty massive impact on all of our lives. So, people, reasonably, have some diverged feelings about it. Some of us imagine that AI will transform the world in positive ways, it could end car accidents because we have self-driving cars, or it could give the elderly great, personalized care, or even better it can help you to do your homework.

Over the years, Movie-makers had portrayed the Future of Artificial Intelligence in both positive and negative ways. AI is often shown to help people to do house chores and sometimes shown as a threat to humans.

Here are the best movies that explored Artificial Intelligence thoughtfully and fascinatingly.

1. A.I. (2001) 

A highly advanced robotic boy desires to become “real” so that he can regain the love of his human mother.

It covers many angles and information about Artificial Intelligence. A.I. is one of the classic movies of all time. It comprises two completely different perspectives of Artificial Intelligence in a single movie.

2) WALL-E (2008) 

3. Ex Machina (2014) 


4. I, Robot (2004) 

5) Blade Runner (1982) 

6) Source code(2011) 


7) Back to the future (1985)

8) Terminator Genisys(2015) 

9) Resident Evil(2002) 

10) Resident Evil: the final chapter(2016) 

11) Resident Evil:Apocalypse(2004) 

12) Her (2013) 

13) The machine 


#These are some of the movies I figured out even though their are still in the box.. . 

I am not recommending you guys to watch movie. (*❗❗❗❗) 

Just wanted convey the usefull stuff about AI.