So hello guys,

I am going to tell you about my life experience how i can to platform of coding  

So basically i was in 10th std I have no idea about what to do in my life so somebody told that there are some professional degree you can do it which i search on google and there were many degree courses so I thinked that i can join in engineering so i was interested in doing mechanical work and after that i search for mechanical branch thing so i thought to be a aeronautical engineering and it was also my dream but there were no colleges in Mumbai are aeronautical is only in IIT but i didn't study or try for IIT so i thought i that i need a drop or something else to be done but at home my parents told me not that you will not have a drop for 1 year so i tried another way but there was no way so i basically gave too many exam to find wherever i can find aeronautical engineering.

One day i gave the exam of JAIN UNIVERSITY which was very easy but its pivate university and it have more cost than normal government college so then also however my parents told you can go for your further studies there i completed my 1st sem and i stood 1st in class and i was really happen bcz i was almost fail in 12th bcz i got just 61% so i was not having opportunity that's why i got into JAIN COLLEGE.

Then starts the 2nd year so i went to college after 1 month of vacation and after 1 month due to covid-19 they have announce lockdown so i went to my native place one again and that time i was using instagram so i was search for python courses bcz i am very familiar with programming languages and i know many of them.

After registration they told that batch will start from some date so i thought i need to wait after wait this much they gave a message that your batch is starting on this this date so i done all the assignment and all stuff and i passed the exam.

After that i ask to @Prasad Sawant   that is there anything for internship or student ambassador he told there is and i filled the form and i passed all the interviews.

Thank you Lets upgrade and most thank to @DR. DARSHAN INGLE  sir and @Saikiran Sondarkar sir for having this a beautiful program and special thank to @Prasad Sawant   who helped me alot in doubt solving also in my personality like how to speak with students and how to reply anyone's anwser.

This was my successive story and once again thanks to all Lets Upgrade Community Member.