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Help & Support


Before you drop the query, make sure you visited the Community Group you are assigned to and check all the latest posts in the group, if still your query is not resolved then feel free to ask in this group. 

Also, If you have any queries for us pertaining to our certifications, online/classroom courses, examination, Hackathons, Build With LetsUpgrade, webinars, or anything in general, feel free to post here. Our support team shall get back to you at the earliest.

We assure you that your query will be resolved within 24 hrs or max 48 hrs and if it's getting delayed then we will intimate you over an email. 

Note: Please don't share your personal information like Phone number and Office Email address here in order to protect your privacy. 

I enrolled in Data Visualization course of 5th july to 11th july and I attended all of the the live classes submitted all of my assignments. After all of this and submittion of my assignments I patiently waited for 2... (More)
When will I receive the Certification for React Essentials Program by Abhishek sir (12-18 July). Our placements have started in college and including that certificate in my resume might be helpful.
Hello team, have enrolled for python 0 to hero. it was suppose to start at 7 pm today. but the link is not opening. please help
I enrolled in python beginners course of 28th june to 7th july and I attended all of the the live classes submitted all of my assignments and also the final project of building a tic tac toe game . After... (More)