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Project Request
Project Request


Share with us your project Idea and we will come up with the right solution.

Yes, we will help you to build your projects for FREE. All you need to do is to request us the project you want to build and with a proper problem statement. ย 

Our team will pick up your ideas from this group and based on the number of requests, we will start working or discuss that project idea on any of the following programs:

  • Full Stack Programs
  • Essential Programs
  • Weekly Project Sessions
  • CEO Talks
  • Build With LetsUpgrade/Hack with LetsUpgrade

Presently, we are ready to take up the ideas of only these below-mentioned domains:

  • Python
  • DSA
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI ML
  • Data Science
  • Mobile App Development
  • Blockchain
  • Web App Development

Meghana Yerramsetti
APPLICATION OF MULTI FACTORED BIOMETRICS MEASURES FOR DATA SECURITY IN ATM (Title) (Description/Problem Statement) This is a biometric application. It contains three levels. Level one authentication is based on PIN authentication. User need to enter their PIN, if it matches... (More)

Problem statement
Public funds are usually looted and it is difficult to track and apprehend the culprits. Can you create a blockchain system that can track the movement of public funds and expenditure within and outside banks ?
Article/ Blog
Project Request

Building a Face Expression Recognizer.

Build a Face Expression Recognition Tool by using advanced Computer Vision Algorithms. You will be able to detect Happiness, Sadness and Other emotions for Human Faces in Real Time Videos.ย 

Domain: IT/Software.